About Us

Expertise and work history in Social Selling, CPG and Retail digital transformation.

Digital GenX Native

Starting as product UX designer, then in charge of creating and marketing BtoB and BtoC new offers and customer experiences for large industrial organizations.

I’ve been several times expatriate in emerging territories, there to source and develop products, to design new concepts, to open big box stores with local teams. 

Today Consulting/Interim Director, I accompany Boards, founders, CEO’s, ExCo members, C-Suite executives of food/non-food retailer, investment fund, industry, start-up or DNVB, in their omnichannel commercial transformation, in FMCG & Lifestyle merchandising buying, in digital marketing and user experience design…

Damien Peyre


Passionated by the lively cross-cultural diversity of consumers communities, discovered notably in the heart of global megalopolis and of arising smart cities, across international missions in France, USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Ukraine…

Keen to learn new things, discover new cultures, support new ventures, share knowledge with various generations, network with new makers and doers globally.  

Eager to lead mutation of connected commerce addressing the many people, through mobile commerce and geo-intelligence solutions, I got enrolled at ILV – MBAMCI E-Commerce and Digital Marketing executive programme, for the years 2019 and 2020.  

More than a portfolio of our achievements, the purpose of this site is also to share what this year has been about technological learning and the interpersonal skills it has allowed us to work on.

Damien Peyre

Our Vision

“Create through mobile digital a better omnichannel consumption experience that suits everyone’s culture, lifestyle and diversity, focusing on difference consciousness and saving time for families living and people working, in urban areas getting more and more densely populated.”

Our Mission


People Come First

Learning from diversity all around the world, we train your teams to acquire new skills and we understand your urban clients to provide them the shopping experience they need.

Damien Peyre and Store team. Al Meera Qatar

Sustainable Innovation

Leading the path of digital transformation, we are user centric rather than tech obsessed. We may think out-of-the-box because cloning led world to saturation while consumer tends to feel unique.

Damien Peyre and HQ team. Al Meera Qatar

Committed to Performance

Proud to conquer new territories, street by street with agility, we spread into your organization best practices and pragmatic methods to allow efficiently your brand to gain global or local market shares.

Damien Peyre and HQ team. Carrefour India

Why Choose Us

Core Urban Selling

Prospective, populations demographics, history, cultures and lifestyles, urban planning, city mapping and geolocation, shopping streets and shopper flows, catchment areas, transportation and mobility. Smart or not, your city has got secret  insights and data that we interpret. 

Omnichannel Retail

Direct-selling, e-commerce, mobile commerce, social commerce, marketplace, dropshipping, TV shopping, wholesale, cash and carry, category killer, hypermarket, supermarket, convenience store, department store, drugstore, pharmacy, beauty store and spa, travel retail, vending machine, pick-up point and locker… we almost covered all these traditional and digital channels to establish strong city coverage.

Global / Local Shopper

Your brand is unique, your client is unique, your case is complex. What is a best practice here may probably be drasticaly adapted elsewhere or even thought differently. We think to the user of your product / service first to take the right decision.

Operations Management / Digital Ecosystem

Daily successes are coming from reactivity toward market changes and speed of execution. We are part of an ecosystem of global top executives and managers from various fields, with which leading the game even through the unexpected. 

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James Doe

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David Roberts

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Bret Thompson

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