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Success key of start-up, retailer, E-merchant, food / fmcg / luxe / fashion / lifestyle brand, in conquest of an emerging market, or a city centre, and of its diversity of communities of mobile shoppers.

Top-notch digital skills gained along one year MBA MCI programme.

Market-Fit / Business Model

Start-up, your MVP received feedback from potential users, then you got started. But is your model generating demand and therefore growth?

To achieve product-market fit (PMF), you need to be stable and scalable, so :

– Measure its performance,

– Make adjustments, you define the right KPIs in relation to your business.

– Put in place non vanity metrics. 

In view of the results, outperformance or underperformance, you may pivoting in order to accelerate customer acquisition strategy but also to build customer loyalty.

Large group or Start-up, whatever your stage of development are, we got experienced in corporate strategy, in an uncertain environment and at a fast pace. Especially not in an armchair, but in contact with your customers.

Geomarketing / Network Expansion

At the very beginning, there are the populations, future or present, with their ways of living, their density of space occupancy, their income and means of mobility. Men, women and children of all cultures, religions and origins, with diverse needs, as inhabitants of a home, as workers in the workplace or as students, as people in transit for tourism or other reasons.

Then, there is the planning of the spatial organization of cities (megalopolis, smart city, agglomeration… ) and their conurbations, up to the peri-urban area. Finally, there is rurality.

We bring you our know-how in the omnichannel commercial conquest of ultra-urban territories and their populations, in France as well as in other international countries, by relying on our curiosity for diversity and communitarianism, but also on geographic information systems (GIS cartography), ethnographic observations, demographic data and projections, as well as on consumer studies.

Omnichannel Offer / Category Management

The creation of food, non-food, BtoC, BtoB assortments for any distribution channel, meets more or less the same criteria.

– Firstly, the most efficient coverage of units of needs for your customers, according to your positioning as a generalist or expert distributor.

– Secondly, your box size and/or your click and collect or click and delivery capabilities, taking into account in your mix of categories those that will be a priority to develop the offer in order to show your competitive advantage.

What about the marketplace, will you say? Where, everything or almost everything produced on planet Earth is referenced. Well, as a shopper you can quickly get lost in it. Like in a hypermarket where the offer would be badly treated.
You’ve never been faced with 10 linear shelving elements of cooking oil made up of nearly 20 brands, 4 varieties of oils, 4 volumes of containers. We were! It was in Qatar, fortunatelly we put things in order there.

Once on the marketplace, make sure that you cover all the units of needs and then fine-tune your e-merchandising. Essential for your expert image, it starts with the attention you pay to your organic search (SEO) and your UX/UI.

User Experience / Mobile E-Shop / Flagship-Store 

Accelerate the digitalization of your assortment offer in a local and global logic.

Boost the enchantment of your store teammates and brands in the omni-channel and digital approach to their business. Boost the enchantment of your customers and users of your products.

Increase the profitability of your business model heavily linked to online mobile sales.

Commercial Transformation

Within your sales, marketing and procurement organizations undergoing structural, functional and operational changes, we are personally involved in the change management necessary for their transformation:

– Omnichannel diagnosis and guidance,

– Identification of business development areas and strategic partnerships to increase market share,

– Business plan, proposal of actions and associated agenda,

– Implementation of a commercial strategy,

– Management of commercial and sales teams,

– Support in the operational implementation of the recommendations,

– Transition facilitation.

Our know-how implemented for such a mission :
Investigation / perspective design / taking a step back / commitment / adaptation / analysis / framing.

Our DNA, made of integrity, neutrality and independence, leadership, reactivity and adaptability, resistance and reassurance, and finally listening and openness, allows us to tackle any similar mission (restructuring, turnaround…). 

Marketing & Digital Strategy, Brand / Store Chain

We bring our both BtoC / BtoB knowledge of the Retail, Luxury, Consumer Goods and Industry sectors to your brand or store chain.

Convinced by the potential of e-commerce, m-commerce, social commerce, our strategies make the most of these channels, in a 360° approach:

– Market analysis and trends,

– Development and positioning of new products,

– Quality and performance monitoring,

– Creation and distribution of offline/online communication tools,

Digital Project Coordination

We developed soft skills, adopting agile and collaborative methods (gameplay, design thinking, co-construction), as well as abilities in project teams management (Teams, Trello, Slack…) with caring in mind and in contact with 4 generations in activity (baby boomers, X, Y or millenials, Z), of diversity in their origins or gender.

We now use the best free or paid productivity tools (Zapier, Hubspot, AB Tasty, Phantombuster…), digital creation tools including AI-assisted creation (Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia, Canva…).

As a transverse manager architect of the transformation of organizations, we augmented ourselves in communication skills (written, visual, audio and video), assuming in our own words a content strategy that includes curation and storytelling (Feedly, Bitly, Buffer, WordPress …), like a fingerprint in an ultra-connected world with fading public/private boundaries.

Experience Focused Retail Operations 

Strategy is essential; and the ability to deliver an experience for your customers is complementary.

Retail is a sector where everything has to go fast and where proven methods do not exempt you from questioning yourself quickly, especially in the face of the accelerating change in commerce, to undo, do and make-it-done. To our credit, we have opened several stores at a sustained pace, in countries and situations that are all different locally. One of our prides, the opening of the country India and 5 stores for the Carrefour brand, in close collaboration with the local COMEX.

A store experience but also a product experience because, trained in design, Applied Arts and Crafts “à la française”, we have designed for the many people household appliances, vehicles, jewellery, textile collections, and launched both fmcg and lifestyle private labels, such as Carrefour Home…

Amazon Marketplace

Guiding a start-up in its entry on Amazon marketplace. Creation of the TinyBird shop. Registration on the Amazon vendors portal Seller Central. Logistic choices. Writing of product sheets. Optimization of the keywords for organic search. Design of a Brand Store with the Amazon Content management System (CMS). Sponsored campaigns and Facebook / Instagram Ads.
All this done in a short period of time. Our team achieved it, in scrum mode, within the framework of the Amazon Campus Challenge.

Desktop / Mobile Website Design

Choice of cloud hosting (Ionos, OVH…), CMS (WordPress…), theme (Divi, as for our site that you are currently viewing…), extensions (WooCommerce to start in e-commerce). Architecture of showcase or merchant website. Affiliate campaign. Design of landing page with efficient call to action. Ergonomical desktop / mobile page design because 65% of consultations are made from a smartphone. SEO audit to facilitate organic search.

Growth Hacking

Knowing how to sell nowadays requires a growth hacker’s state of mind, the one of a door opener equipped with the latest tools : scraping to retrieve lists on the internet a little faster than by hand, marketing automation to carry out mass mailings, social selling to interact intelligently with prospects via social networks, especially with the professional ones on Linkedin.

ChatBot / Avatar / Marketing Automation

Establishing a customer relationship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is now possible thanks to Bots or Chatbots. To make them effective? A good architecture based on scenarios, and on gamification. To make them truly conversational agents? Broad semantic fields and Artificial Intelligence. Also don’t forget the appealing aspect to make lively an avatar face.

Content for Social Networks / Event Calendar Animation

No successful commercial animation without anticipation.No anticipation without understanding the events that are important to the shopping communities you are targeting, whether they are historical, religious, cultural, sporting or even just made up like the so commercial Black Friday. Your content will only be richer and its messages more relevant if it uses the best format for the best medium, that’s what social media is all about. To do this, knowing how to write, knowing how to communicate through images, audio and video, is essential.

KPI’s / Analytics / Data Visualization

What is well thought out is clearly stated, and the words to say it come easily. Boileau anticipated the use of Google Analytics and Google Data Studio: to define useful KPI’s, clearly state what you want to measure; once the data has been formatted, the words of the analysis will arrive easily and a thousand-word computer graphics will make it as easy as possible to disseminate it to as many people as possible. Confucius said that. Otherwise there’s Excel…

SEM for Traffic = SEO + SEA

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is based on the volume of queries made on search engines, particularly Google in France, combines two ways of ensuring an efficient presence on search engines, through commercial links (Search Engine Advertising or SEA) and organic ranking (Search Engine Optimization or SEO). An essential traffic acquisition channel for any website or mobile application, SEM also plays a decisive role in the decision to visit a physical store (Web-to-Store approach). Doing an SEO audit, organizing an SEA account, creating Google Ads campaigns and designing an advertisement… we learned this while at MBA MCI.

Social Ads

Search engine advertising is SEA. Advertising on social networks is social ads. You define your strategy in relation to your conversion funnel, your KPi’s… then, if you want to advertise on Facebook, you create your Business Manager account, your personalized audiences or similar. Then we will work, according to our budget and schedule, on the message and format of the ad. 

Influence / Community Management

Influence marketing is the use of influencers’ recommendation potential. Before, there was press relations (PR). Today, to approach your shopper communities, linked to affinity tribes, you have to go through popular youtubers or other digital influencers, users and producers of their own content on the most followed social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or TikTok. Influencing and managing one’s target communities means demonstrating the ability to manage ambiguity, uncertainty, cultural difference and high-speed change, but also the ability to take the risk of being inclusive or discriminatory. Stemming from the teaching of Bruno Fridlansky, we also put social selling at the service of e-reputation on Linkedin. 

Podcast, Blog, Microblogging

There is nothing like mastering digital communication techniques such as podcasting, blogging and microblogging to get your messages and ideas across. Write with a limitation in characters, illustrate with different image formats depending on the media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram…). Support the communication of your institutional or influential news to a website by writing a blog. Converse on an expert subject and record this audio exchange to broadcast it on your news audio channel via YouTube or Spotify.

Google Certifications

In Google veritas? Still, with 130 billion pages indexed, 20 billion sites crawled by its robots and 7 billion queries every day on its search engine, Google in France takes 90% of the queries and its browser (Chrome) has a 65% market share worldwide (see Figures on Google: statistics to know in 2020). If one can look elsewhere for the truth (Qwant…), it is however essential to know how to use the tools that Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has developed. If Google’s hegemonic position frightens you, know that the second most used search engine is… Youtube, which also belongs to Alphabet. Google Console, Google Earth, GoogleMyBusiness… so many tools for your digital development. If you can’t be in tune with the whole ecosystem, you can at least start: we have done so by obtaining the certifications fundamental principles of digital marketing, search network, shopping and analytics, while firmly waiting to get more.

Awards & Honours

Rewards for inventions, patents, certifications and diplomas gleaned throughout a career punctuated by questioning, returning to school, new encounters and new languages learned, mooc and permanent curiosity. For continuing education, intercultural practice and the development of soft skills, there is nothing better like being present in the best establishments with established networks.

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